What is Right:

While thinking of right or rights the first thing that comes to my mind is what is right – right so far what I understand is as a human being or as any species on this planet I have certain rights that primarily emanates from my characteristics of being human or being that species, and these are right to move, right to eat, right to drink, right to carry out my day to day activities like any living beings, it can be right of an ant to find its livelihood or right of a man who steps out of his home to earn his livelihood.

As human we have an innate desire to see life beyond our basic needs. Human aspirations have gone beyond food, cloth, shelter and reproduce which are basic needs for a normal living of a life. There was a time in the past when one managed those four basic needs and it is believed that life is complete. But times have changed from that belief system and now there is much greater voice voicing out the need to express their feelings, emotions and their aspirations. So this has given rise to voice for Rights.

Right to life, Right to property, Right to information, Right to dress the way one wants-  though that falls under right to express but in few cultures right to wear is also defined and that lead to fight for the rights, so these voices for rights have come up due to dearth of freedom in one’s ‘quest for rights ‘

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