Digitalization and Impact of Digital India

Gone are the days when people in India have to wait for hours for Babus (Government Officers during Colonial era) in government offices and wait for their signature to process a document. The arrogance that these Babus projected barring the few dedicated and honest officers, was something that would get in to people’s nerves and discouraged people to walk up to offices to get their documents processed for any activity that needs government authorization.

This also resulted in cropping up of middlemen who would take some extra money or say bribe to process the papers from the officers. One specific reason is that Babu’s would not be caught red handed in this act of bribery so they can continue to project their fake neat work ethics and at the same time make good amount of money.

Now what Digital India has done over the past few years is that in many of these activities involvement of those Babu’s directly or indirectly is removed, more in central department than in state. In state department middlemen, bribery and Babugiri (looking down on people as slave) is still rampant. With the introduction of digitization, in government department’s people have now direct access to know the status of the information or their application at the click of a button on their smart devices.

This move has empowered the common man and the weaker sections of the society who without any political or affluent influence was unable to get things done by government officials.

Digitization has covered almost all aspects of India be it telecom, education, banking, health, e-commerce, agriculture etc.

In telecom the introduction of Jio has given a boost to internet, it has changed the way internet data plan was offered to the users. Jio can be seen as a disruption for the changes in the telecom industry as all the competitors were brought to their knees in offering cost effective and consumer friendly plans to match Jio’s consumer friendly plan.

With introduction of consumer friendly data plans digitization got a massive boost as people started conducting their day to day activities online. Be it their bank transfers, booking an appointment with a doctor. Life being made very easy with people having more time to spend with their Loved ones or what they Love doing.

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