How to overcome fear:

This has been a burning question for people over ages. Everybody has this question on how to overcome fear? The answer to this can be simplified into a thought flow that if human being stops focus on self-preservation and opens up to the wide openness of this universe then the concept of fear would fade away from one’s mind.

This fear is connected to one’s attachment to one’s physical being, near and dear one’s and also to material possessions. So once one decide to let go all these inhibitions in the backdrop of losing them, one becomes completely fearless as there is nothing external or internal bothering him/her since complete detachment takes over.

This detachment in a way helps advents a new spectrum of looking at things and experiencing life in an entirely new way. It is kind of surrendering to the vast chaotic function of the cosmos and that is when one becomes open to new situations, cycles, events and people. This openness discloses new doors of knowledge and self-realisation.

Some of the actionable steps that can be taken to overcome fear:

  • Meditation
  • Physical exercise as it will give an air of confidence.
  • Doing things that one is most scared of.
  • Always challenging oneself into a situation that usually one abstains from.
  • Finally more importantly creating a thought that this physical body and all the other material possessions are to be given back to earth.

This body will be dropped off one day, but the energy will remain forever and automatically the energy will take a new form, so this life on earth is a continuous process and there is nothing to be feared about, but only to experience the vast magnanimity and beauty of the cosmos.

In this context we can depict the story of Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra where in due to attachment towards his masters and elders, Arjuna was confused whether to engage in war or not. We also come across this kind of situation many times in life where in due to attachment of certain kind we either commit to or do no commit with the fear of not losing the sense of attachment. So we got to be wise and let go things as and when the universe in subtle way instructs us to let go.

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