Interesting facts about Modi’s 2019 Victory

Still remember the day of 26th May 2014 when Namo took oath as the Prime Minister of India, he vowed to countrymen “sabka saat, sabka vikas” meaning with everyone, development for everyone.

With this words when he actually got into the Prime Ministerial work, his effort was viewed over tenure of 5 years as less of leadership and more of social and economic reformer. This is because for the first time country has witnessed a leader who is ready to walk the distance for the benefit of common man. Modi’s devotion towards work for close to 15-18 hours a day is a testimony of what are his goals for India.

Considering the backlog of the projects that was in incomplete status due to reluctance of the previous government, his cabinet team worked on every project with three important parameters, namely; scale, speed, and size. This resulted in implementation of multitude of social welfare schemes such as Atal Pension Yojana, Beti Bachao Beti padao, Ayushman Bharat, Awaas Yojan, Electrification of each and every household, Access to Toilets, Mudra Financing for small traders or businesses, Gas Cylinders for very household etc.

This social welfare schemes was driven so aggressively that this in fact touched the lives of the common man. Imagine someone in the remote village who were deprived of basic necessities since independence by successive government suddenly finds electric bulb being lit up after dark, access to toilet, gas Cylinder’s for cooking, proper roads outside the house, clean water. Life must have seen a drastic positive change.

Besides all this changes the drive to keep neighborhood clean with Swachh Bharat mission, demonetization was another cleaning drive of black money, digitization with maximum governance and minimum government helped common man on a large scale and this resulted in people reasserting faith on Modi’s commitment to work for the people of the Country.

This commitment to work for the welfare of the country was something that opposition failed to learn and even now they seem to be in denial mode. People in 21st century value real work and not rhetoric and rhetoric is something that opposition is expert at. As such their non-committed attitude led to their decimation in the recently concluded general election. They were able to garner minimal support from people by instilling an air of fear and insecurity on religious and minority grounds but nothing beyond this as they failed to work for the people and people rejected their false rhetoric. In preference, Modi’s cabinet worked on various aspect of economic and social welfare scheme that instilled people’s faith in them which in turn resulted in resounding victory for Modi and his team.

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