What is Fear:

Fear is an idea created by historical memory and imaginative mind. So this creation of fear is solely a defence mechanism of mind to preserve the whole physical being of a being. People fear due to many reasons but the objective of being gripped by fear remains the same, that is, to self-preserve the being. Now question is – does fear acts for good or bad for human development.

Let’s see on the larger aspect of the concept of fear.  Fear is instilled in human mind by mind itself, impressions may be external but fear is created in mind due to the past events, and the outcome that seem to have followed up. The greatest of fear that one can have is fear of losing this body or fear of death.

There are other fear as well such as fear of losing money, falling ill and old age, fear of losing near and dear ones, fear of losing certain position in life which one hold very dear to them. All these fears are objected to something external but the source is culminated all from within.

Looks like most fear that is directed for the dearness towards physical thing is in a way cripples human being as we can see it does not let one think beyond the physical being – So an answer to question is fear for good? – An outright answer is a big No.

Hence it answers our above question if something that is not for good is automatically bad for us and no one would like to create or be in situation that is bad for us consciously. So what can we do to counter this fear which we have come to know about and at the same time not serving our purpose of living happily? In the below chapter we will discuss about how we can overcome fear.

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