What is Freedom:

Freedom can defined as the urge or desire to act with no restrictions in place. The restrictions can come from two sources one can be external source and the other is internal source. External source primarily connects to authority that exercises restraint on man’s action. The authority is usually government majorly totalitarian or Organised Religious bodies wherein what is written in the Commandments are supreme and no thing is questionable.

So this brings us in to questioning the authority or questioning the religious body. It is not intended to bring down any authority and religion but to display the restraint and regulation that takes away freedom. The disability to question authority or religion on fear of being persecuted or hurting someone’s sentiments is one of the major hurdles to freedom that lies in external world. This fear of being persecuted for not abiding by laws can be for both good and bad depending on what phase of the society you are in.

Now in internal world or freedom from internal source is solely individual’s choice. This choice can be fully exercised and one can live in absolute freedom. It does not matter to one what happens in the outside world and how many walls are built around to curb freedom; if internally one lives without any bindings – the potential to experience freedom is absolute.

Now in reference to binding it needs to be highlighted that binding means some kind of control – here we are talking about internal binding, that is some kind of restraint driven by self, this self-driven restraint can be due to fear and this could be for both good and bad depending on what circumstances of life you are in.

So in short what we are drawing home is that fear is subjective and freedom is absolute.

We will touch upon this concept of fear in one of the below chapter and how one can overcome fear.

So if we have to summarize right and freedom we can see that with right automatically one is bestowed with freedom. It becomes an individual choice whether to use it or not, not using indicates either they don’t need it or they live in fear.

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